For the #1 Dad: Facebook Advertising Targeted Audiences for Father’s Day

Father's Day Facebook Advertising AKvertise

For the #1 Dad: Facebook Advertising Targeted Audiences for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the annual celebration of the paternal influences in our life. Whether it’s your actual father, stepparent, uncle, grandfather or mentor, father figures have spent their lives ensuring that we feel safe, supported and successful. On the third Sunday of June each year, we dedicate the day to making them feel appreciated in return.


As you may have caught on from our last post, national holidays provide huge opportunities for marketers to build content and campaigns that mean something to their audiences. If you don’t have a Content Calendar built out already, now is the time to get one up and running so you can schedule and plan for content and advertising campaigns ahead of time (and remove the stress of creating something last minute!).


If you’re considering creating a Facebook Advertising Campaign around D-Day (that’s Dad Day if you missed it), here are some things to keep in mind.


Relevant Industries


No matter what industry you’re in, ask yourself a few questions before composing a holiday-based advertising campaign:


1) What customers am I trying to reach?

2) What’s the goal of the campaign?

3) How have my audiences responded to emotional/human images or sentiments in previous advertising?

4) Is this holiday relevant to our business and/or services?


As any marketer will tell you, knowing the goals you’re trying to accomplish with a campaign is the key to success.


US vs. Global Audiences


Do you have a global presence? If you’re targeting audiences outside of the United States, keep in mind that Father’s Day falls on different dates for different countries. Make sure the ads you’ll be serving are relevant to the location of the audience you’re trying to reach. Here’s a great list of international Father’s Day dates to review.


Target Audience Suggestions


Take a look at the suggested Facebook Ad Target Audiences below. Do any of these folks fit into your customer demographics? If so, then creating a Facebook Advertising Campaign may provide a strong ROI for you.


1) Job Titles:

– Stay-at-Home Parent

– Stay-at-Home Dad

– Stay-at-Home Mom

– Full-Time Mothers

– Full-Time Mother & Housewife

– Being a Full-Time Mommy!

– Mommy/Housewife

– Mother/Homemaker

– Mommy 24/7


2) Employers:

– Stay-at-Home Mom

– Stay-at-Home Dad

– Stay-at-Home Parent


3) Audience Scenario: For the Dad Who Wants To Treat Himself

– To increase relevancy based on your product or service offerings and to improve campaign performance, add in an additional targeting layer of interest, behaviors, and demographics under Detailed Targeting.

– Set Gender to Men

– Demographics:

Parents (All)

New Parents (0-12 months)

Parents with Toddlers (01-02 years)

Parents with Preschoolers (03-05 years)

Parents with Early School-Age Children (06-08 years)

Parents with Preteens (08-12 years)

Parents with Teenagers (13-18 years)

New Parents

Stay-at-Home Parent


4) Audience Scenario: Significant Others Looking to Purchase Father’s Day Gifts

– Add in additional targeting layers to test interests, behaviors, and demographic targeting targeting to increase relevancy and improve campaign performance

– Set relationship status to In A Relationship, Engaged, or Married

– Demographics:

Parents (All)

New parents (0-12 months)

Parents with toddlers (01-02 years)

Parents with preschoolers (03-05 years)

Parents with early school-age children (06-08 years)

Parents with preteens (08-12 years)

Parents with teenagers (13-18 years)

New Parents

Moms of Grade School Kids

Moms of High School Kids

Stay-at-Home Parent

Stay-at-Home Moms

Soccer Moms

Trendy Moms

Corporate Moms

Fit Moms

New Moms




Here are just a few examples of different creative formats and copy you could produce for your future father-approved ads.


Ralph Lauren Father's Day Facebook Ad AKvertise

International Rescue Committee Father's Day Facebook Ads AKvertise

Indow Father's Day Facebook Ads AKvertise

If you have any other questions while planning your ads, we’re here to help. And don’t forget to say hi to your Dad for us!

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