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Pubcon Las Vegas: Conference Recap 2017

Akvile DeFazio
November 13th, 2017
Akvile DeFazio

Another fantastic Pubcon is in the books – and this year may have been our favorite one to date! The sessions were plentiful in excellent content, case studies, actionable tactics, and food for thought, the speaker roster was diverse, experienced, and top shelf, and the networking was as always, incredible. From smaller meet ups, to intimate dinners, and large parties, there was something for everyone. For us, the most invaluable part of Pubcon is the community. Getting one on one time to connect with old friends and meet new ones is always the highlight of the annual conference and it keeps us coming back each year – this being our fourth and certainly not our last.

Key Takeaways From Sessions

Influencer Marketing with Maggie Malek, Jenneva Vargas, and Marcela Ve Vivo:

  • “Influencer marketing also impacts SEO. Social traffic from influencer campaigns improve your engagement metrics”, says Marcella De Vivo.
  • Remember that Google isn’t the only place that people are searching. They’re also looking at Facebook, YouTube organic search, Amazon products and reviews, Twitter search, Instagram hashtags, and Pinterest suggestions, states Maggie Malek.

Conversions in a Landing Page-Less World with Sarah Carling and Purna Virji of Bing Ads:

  • “85% of a customer’s relationship will be managed without human interactions by 2020.”
  • “53% of people prefer chat apps to speaking to businesses via phone.”

Lead Gen Niche Targeting with Kenny Hyder, Shelly Fagin, and Warren Whitlock:

  • According to Facebook, an ad set needs a minimum of 50 conversions per week before algorithm can begin optimizing, says Shelly Fagin about Facebook’s recent algorithm update.
  • Once you create custom audiences, check out Audience Insights. Then you can get more refined and increase relevancy scores,  improve your targeting, and get better CPLs.

Mining Deep Facebook Data to Radically Profile Site Visitors and Email Lists with Marty Weintraub:

  • Check your search query report (SQR) and apply negatives from search into Facebook Ads audience exclusion (e.g. people who like free things).

Creating a Sales Funnel with Facebook Campaigns with Damon Gochneaur, Susan Wenograd and Dave Roth:

  • Susan Wenograd recommends ditching your old habits. Don’t just run traffic and conversion campaigns. Audiences are at different stages and they shouldn’t all get treated the same way in Facebook. Awareness > Consideration > Purchase > Upsell.
  • If you launch a conversion campaign and it’s not converting, the targeting or time may not be right or they may be at the top of the funnel. If so, test something else like awareness, says Susan Wenograd.
  • Instagram and Snapchat may be the fastest growing social channels, however, in terms of time spent, Facebook kills it, states Dave Roth.
  • Dave Roth recommends the Appnique app for Facebook. Scrapes app reviews and you can then build affinity groups and spin up new funnels to drive more app downloads. Great for clients with saturated audiences.
  • Just because a video views campaign isn’t converting directly, doesn’t mean it’s not positively impacting the funnel as a whole.
  • Create lists of all audiences, create list of all creative, create funnels & insert them as appropriate. Keep testing & tweaking!

LinkedIn Advertising with Susan Wenograd, Ashley Johnson, and Janet Driscoll Miller:

  • Surprising that LinkedIn Ads doesn’t have mobile display ads as an option, given that 58% of their users access via mobile, as Janet states.
  • Have you downloaded your contact data from LinkedIn yet? It not, go before they potentially charge for this and download your archive data, recommends, Ashley.
  • Compose at least one article specifically for LinkedIn each month.

Content Repurposing with Mat Siltala, Casie Gillette, and Joe Youngblood:

  • Casie suggest that if you need to build an asset to drive organic traffic, check GA for themes on what has driven traffic over last year.
  • If your goal is social shares, check what performed well before and refresh it.
  • “If you have ebooks, cut them down, create infographics, and find other ways to use them”, recommends, Casie Gillette.
  • Put Quora into SEMrush, use keywords, find all questions that people post, and go answer, says Casie Gillette.
  • “Create content fluidly. Keep it fresh and penetrate different platforms with it that are commoditizing the users,” says Joe Youngblood.
  • Turn videos into gifs into ads. You can creat them using Adobe Premier Pro.
  • If you’re on a podcast, get transcript, publish it on the podcasts website and link back to your site.
  • Well said by Joe, “Everyone would do it if it were easy. It’s low hanging fruit. Repurpose your content. Get a step ahead on competitors.”

A huge thank you to the Pubcon team for organizing such a worthwhile show, the speakers for sharing their knowledge so openly, to the sponsors for helping make so many of the networking events as amazing as they are, and the attendees that make our community so inclusive, helpful, and a delight to be in. Hope to see you you all next year!


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