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Freelancing: Two Weeks In

Akvile DeFazio
November 13th, 2014
Akvile DeFazio

It has only been two weeks since I began freelancing full time, and my, what a ride it has been thus far.

I feel extremely grateful and fortunate to be working on some really interesting accounts right out of the gate, with goal-oriented clients, to have a near full work load, and to be learning an incredible amount from Pamela Lund. Like any job, there’s a learning curve and adjustment period which can be quite overwhelming, and that is has been, however, it has also been equally exciting. After wrapping up each day, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on the challenges faced, the accomplishments achieved, how each task fits into the bigger picture, and the new things that were learned. As antonymous as it may be, I’ve been feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and calm. It’s an odd combination, however, it’s the best way I can explain life as of late, and in no way is that a bad thing. Do you recall a time you felt that way?

Each day thus far has presented itself with a lot of “firsts” and I love how it’s keeping me on my toes. From business development, to managing client expectations, determining my worth, realizing my strengths and weaknesses, talking finances, writing proposals, and getting up to speed on new ad units and targeting options, it’s been an educational whirlwind. I don’t think the learning will ever cease since each client and scenario varies, and I imagine that a lot of the things learned now will be applicable more so over time. Just this past week, Pam has given me a crash course in Gmail Sponsored Promotions (the targeting options are unlike any other!), Product Listing Ads and setting up feeds, setting up Dynamic Search Ads, and much more. She’s like the Encyclopedia Britannica of PPC and I’m honored to be able to pick her brain about the ins and outs of every new available ad unit that I haven’t had prior opportunities to utilize. I’ve learned more over the last two weeks than I’ve learned in a very long time and it’s a great feeling. I do wonder though, when will I find my groove in this new role? For those of you who do or have freelanced, how long did it take you to find yours?

Also in the last two weeks, I’ve started reading more before bed in order to gain inspiration, stay focused, and learn how to maximize productivity, not just at work, but in other areas of my life. Thank you, Dana DiTomaso for recommending “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen. I’m only a few chapters in thus far and it has already made a positive impact in the way I go about my daily tasks. If you’re looking to decrease stress and increase productivity, I highly suggest checking out this book. What other stress relieving, productivity boosting, marketing and/or freelancing books have you read that you would recommend to others?

Thank you again, my seasoned freelancing friends for reaching out recently and sharing some very helpful advice and insights on what to expect. You have been spot on thus far. Although it has only been two short, yet hustle-packed, experience-rich weeks of doing this full time, it has been especially rewarding. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow and upcoming weeks bring.


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Eva (11/13/2014)

I am currently reading a remarkably insightful book called Mindset by Carol Dweck which examines two basic midnsets - fixed vs growth that shape our lives. It explores the power of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious and how changing even the simplest of them can have profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. You should take a gander! It's been inspiring :)

    Akvile Harlow

    Akvile Harlow (11/13/2014)

    Sounds like a very interesting book, Eva. Thank you for sharing, I'll surely check it out!

Mel Carson

Mel Carson (11/13/2014)

So happy for you Akvile! The book that changed my life was "Million Dollar Consulting" - horrible name but it did help set me on the road to be productive, know my worth and be disciplined in the tricky area of juggling clients, deliverables and maintaining the quality of work. Will be watching your progress with interest. Feel free to reach out anytime if you need a sounding board!

Akvile Harlow

Akvile Harlow (11/13/2014)

Thank you for sharing my excitement and recommending that book, Mel! I've added it to my reading list and hope to get to it very soon as it sounds like it would cover many of the items I'm curious to learn more about that you also mentioned above. Thank you again and I hope to see you soon!

Jennifer Z.

Jennifer Z. (11/14/2014)

Sounds like you are crushing it!!! Get it girl!!! :-)

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