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Facebook Remarketing for Post-Trial Conversions

Akvile DeFazio
May 28th, 2015
Akvile DeFazio

Does your organization or client offer free trials of their products or services? If so, chances are, some users for one reason or another have not renewed or purchased the said offering once the trial concluded. Of course, as an advertiser, your goal is to guide these users into converting as ongoing customers.

Just recently, I began working with a new client who offers a free 30-day trial to users for the full version of their software. AdWords was working out well for both search and remarketing purposes, but we wanted to expand our remarketing efforts into Facebook. So, how does one go about setting up a Facebook remarketing campaign that is set to only target users once their trial concludes or is near conclusion? After a bit of research, trial and error, and talking it through (thanks to my good friend and PPC mentor, Pam Lund for taking the call), it’s quite simple actually, read on.

Begin by accessing Facebook Ads Power Editor, as these capabilities are not available through the Facebook Ads Manager interface.

When in Power Editor, head over to the top left corner, click the “Manage Ads” drop down and select “Audiences”.

Facebook RT Audience 1

Next, in the top right corner, click the “Create Audience” drop down, select “Custom Audience”, then select “Website Traffic”.

Facebook RT Audience 2

Here, select the “people who visit specific web pages” option where you can enter portions of the “thank you for signing up for your free trial” landing page URL.

Facebook RT Audience 3

Create the following audiences (feel free to rename them as you see fit):

  • Downloaded Trial – 60 Days
  • Downloaded Trial – 30 Days
  • Purchased Product/Service

Create your new ad set within your remarketing campaign to include the following audience:

  • Downloaded Trial – 60 Days

And exclude the following audiences:

  • Downloaded Trial – 30 Days
  • Purchased Product/Service

That’s it!

As a bonus, create a “Purchased Product/Service Lookalike” audience for additional way to reach potential relevant users in your other campaigns.

What are some other ways you’ve seen success in remarketing to your target audience?


Comments (2)

Bryant Garvin

Bryant Garvin (5/28/2015)

Love the work around Akvile! Many times it just takes creative thinking like this

    Akvile Harlow

    Akvile Harlow (5/28/2015)

    Thank you, Bryant!

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