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Facebook Event Interaction Custom Audiences Now Available

Akvile DeFazio
August 15th, 2017
Akvile DeFazio

Facebook quietly launched a new custom audience option that has finally answered many of our targeting option wishes and will greatly benefit those of us who work in or have clients in the event space. This new option now allows advertisers to target people who have previously interacted with an existing or past Facebook event listing.

To utilize this new custom audience option, you must have previously launched events associated with your account, as this option is not visible in accounts that have not posted any events. In Ads Manager or Power Editor, head over to the Audiences tab. From there, click “Create Audience” followed by the “Engagement” option.

Once you click “Engagement”, an updated pop up will display the available options, including this new one, titled “Events”.

Once you’ve selected this, a smaller window will appear, where you can select who you want to target based on preexisting event interests and attendance.

Here, you will also need to select the associated Facebook Page and the particular current or prior event you want to use for building out your custom audience.

If you have an upcoming event, target people who responded that they are interested in event and test new messaging with them in a remarketing type of campaign. If you have another upcoming event, similar to one you want to use for your custom audience, such as a conference series, test ads that will entice prior attendees to return and those who were interested, with another chance to attend since they weren’t able to last time.

Get creative, have fun, and drive more event registrations with these exciting new event advertising options!


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