AKvertise Now Offering Hulu Ads Account Management Services

Akvile DeFazio
September 21st, 2022
Akvile DeFazio

Are you interested in further expanding your reach and visibility and branching out into OTT advertising through TV? We at AKvertise are pleased to announce that we have been invited to Hulu’s Ad Manager beta program and are now accepting new clients that want to explore this impactful new advertising platform to grow their business in new ways.

Learn more about the platform, advertising opportunities currently available, the ways you can reach your various business goals with Hulu Ads, and how we can assist with this new service offering.

What is Hulu Ads?

Hulu is a digital streaming service where viewers sign up to watch TV shows, movies, sports, and more. Hulu Ads is a form of Over The Top or OTT advertising, which is a form of advertising that is directly delivered to viewers using internet streaming video services or devices such as smart or connected TVs – in this case, on Hulu.

Hulu streaming and Hulu Ads geotargeting is currently only available in the United States. Hulu Ads can be used by businesses of all sizes to amplify their local or national brands by using a variety of targeting options that include location, interests, program genre, and more. Ads are in video format like traditional TV commercials, except this self-service program now allows brands to more easily, affordably, efficiently, and effectively get in front of their target audiences and prospective customers.

What Goals Can We Accomplish?

OTT opportunities like Hulu are excellent for expanding brand awareness, increasing reach, and helping keep brands top of mind. Additionally, some brands like I-Ally have found success by significantly increasing their social media follower count as a result of their Hulu Ads campaigns. Explore these other success stories and get inspired by the many other creative ways brands are utilizing Hulu Ads.

What Is The Cost Of Hulu Ads?

Two of the many appealing offerings Hulu Ads has at this time is that you only get charged when a viewer watches 100% of your video ad/commercial. This means if someone clicked out or turned their device off and your commercial didn’t conclude, you will not be charged for that impression.

Additionally, the minimum spend requirement on a campaign is $500 USD and you can select how long you want the campaign to run. While that is an attractive entry point, we do recommend having a larger budget for a shorter campaign test in order to make a notable impact and see brand lift as unlike other digital advertising mediums, there are no clickable call to action links, buttons, or QR codes in these ads.

How Can I Get Started With Hulu Ads?

The self-serve advertising platform is still currently in a limited beta so if you do not yet have access to it and would like to launch some campaigns, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the exciting opportunities that are currently available using Hulu Ads to grow your business and accomplish various goals, and to discuss how we can assist.


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