AKvertise Now Offering Agency Parental Coverage

Akvile DeFazio
November 4th, 2019
Akvile DeFazio

Do you work as a freelancer, are you a small advertising agency owner, or in-house, providing social media advertising, search engine advertising, or organic social media marketing services? If that sounds like you and you are also expecting (congratulations!) but you may not yet have a plan on how to handle your business and client accounts during your upcoming maternity or paternity leave, we have the solution for you.

We are thrilled to share our new and niche service offering to people planning to take parental leave with our parental coverage services. With these new services, we temporarily step in for you and aim for this to be a seamless transition for you and your clients so that they feel comfortable and confident that their campaigns are left in trustworthy, experienced, and good hands while you enjoy time bonding with your newborn. Think of this as a way that we babysit your business.

Why are we offering this?

Raising a child takes a village and that certainly applies to running a business as well. Our President, Akvile DeFazio recently had her first child and spent the preceding months creating and executing a strategy that would help keep her business running smoothly, her client campaigns performing well, all while being able to enjoy time as a new mother. Time with a newborn is a gift that we only experience once in a lifetime. Worrying about your business, revenue, and clients amidst taking care of a new child should be far from the forefront of a parent and business owner’s mind during this coveted time.

If it weren’t for the help of a select few trusted, talented, seasoned, reliable, and long-time fellow marketing industry friends, Akvile may not have been able to fully take off the 2.5 months of maternity leave to bond with her daughter as she, fortunately, was able to do – thanks to them. In return, this prompted her to create a way to give back to the online marketing and advertising community and offer these solutions to help others who may be in a similar situation but aren’t sure who to turn to for help with their business and to feel at ease during this transitional time.

How does this work?

As you begin to prepare for your leave, we will be briefed on the brand and/or client(s), their campaigns, goals, and expectations. We will then be introduced to your team and/or the client (if preferred/needed) and discuss the transition period, expectations, and address any questions. Once you are on leave, we will provide the services you have been providing to them during this time – which may include but are not limited to campaign launches, ad copy creation, testing, optimization, strategy, analysis, reporting, and consulting. Once you return from your leave, we hand the keys back to you. Simple as that!

The Coverage Team

Meet the talented, experienced, and trusted individuals from various agencies we have teamed up with to provide these services.

Interested? See How We Can Help You

To learn more about the temporary parental coverage services we offer, the account types we specialize in, what that will look like for your, your team, and your clients while you are on leave, the associated costs, and more, please visit our services page.

AKvertise Parental Leave Coverage In The Press

Thank you, VoyageLA and PPC Hero for featuring our service and expanding its reach more people that it may benefit.


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