AI Tools to Improve your Meta Ads Performance

Akvile DeFazio
October 11th, 2023
Akvile DeFazio

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of social media advertising, propelling ahead is crucial for brands to continue finding success as new technologies, features, and opportunities arise that we can leverage to drive better results. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, advertisers can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their campaign performance and streamline account management processes. With AI as our ally, we can unlock new possibilities and elevate our advertising strategies to unprecedented heights.

Here are some AI-powered tools that we currently use and have found to be highly valuable. Additionally, we are testing these other tools to assess their capabilities and effectiveness that may also be of interest to you.

Ad Copy AI Tools

  • a writing assistant tool that can help compose copy, improve writing, and more. It’s particularly helpful in writing ad copy, headlines, and landing page copy. We’ve also found it incredibly helpful in improving reporting summary and email content.
  • a marketing copy tool that can assist in generating high-quality ad copy for your ads.
  • Writesonic: a writing, copy-writing, and paraphrasing tool that can be used to generate ad copy for Meta Ads.
  • wordtune: a copy tool that can help improve or rewrite ad copy, along with its other writing assistant features.
  • Meta Ads: in the ad level, Meta has an AI powered text variation suggestion option for ad copy. Input a piece of copy for your ad and see the other variations it creates for you to use. To use them, click the “+” button next to the line of copy and edit if desired before publishing as seen below.

Example via Truity

Image AI Tools

  • Midjourney: Use natural language prompts to generate images, including realistic human ones for more refined advertising creatives.
  • Canva > ChatGPT: if you have a ChatGPT Plus (GPT-4) account, connect Canva as a plugin to create images for ads. This can help make your creative generation time faster and more efficient so you can get the desired creative much quicker.
  • creates compelling ads that drive sales with AI-generated copy for headlines and descriptions. Generate captivating creatives and gain valuable insights. Try it out with a free trial.
  • Craiyon: text to image creator that generates images, drawings, photos, and art that can be used in ads.
  • pencil: an ecommerce creative (image and video) generating tool  that also offers predictions, editing, ad insights, and more.

Video AI Tools

  • Descript: A video editing tool that has applicable AI effects such as eye contact correction that makes it look like the person in the video is looking directly into the camera in your video ads, even if they are readings something off-camera. Additionally, they have filler word removers that takes out ahs, ums, and other filler words, offers green screen effects, and background noise removal through their technology.
  • runway: use text prompts to generate videos for ads. No visual assets required, only prompts.
  • lumen5: use their AI to quickly create video ads by repurposing other marketing content, such as blogs, other videos, and more.
  • Capsule: is an AI-powered video editor for enterprise content and marketing teams, which can assist with video ads if you work with larger brands and at larger advertising agencies.
  • GhostCut: is an AI video editor designed to effortlessly eliminate text and subtitles, simplifying the repurposing of user-generated content. Additionally, it offers tools to refresh your video with new versions, translation capabilities, and dubbing features.

Research and Inspiration AI Tools

Looking to better understand ad performance, what competitors are advertising, and find inspiration for your own ads?

  • provides ad analysis and feedback (pros/cons) for Meta Ads, YouTube Ads, and TikTok Ads. With their feedback feature, it can inspire future variations of your creatives so you can update and test them to see if they in fact, can perform better. This tool also has transcriptions features, spend data (currently only in the EU but check back to see other expansions), and an option to save ads so you can easily refer to them. With this tool, you can see how it assess yours or other brands ads, how much certain brands are spending on certain ads, and can help reveal winning ads.

Reporting AI Tools

The biggest efficiency gains we’ve gotten through complementing our processes with AI are with reporting and analysis.

  • Rows: create spreadsheets, build interactive dashboards, apply conditional formatting, utilize AI for data summarization, classification, translation, content generation, and more. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with various other platforms. For instance, you can inquire, “Which ads have resulted in a purchase with a 3x ROAS or higher?” and it will tell you.
  • vizGPT: an insight tool that can quickly visualize your data and provide analysis.

Prompt Generating AI Tools

Many AI tools require text prompts for asset generation. If you’re struggling with writing prompts, there are AI tools for that, too.

Image via

While AI may seem to be ubiquitous these days, it is merely the beginning and not just a passing trend. As advertisers, our roles have always been in a constant state of evolution, keeping us on our toes and ensuring job security. We must continue to adapt and grow, not only for the success of our accounts but also for the progression of our careers. Familiarize yourself with AI tools and explore how they can complement your work, freeing up more time to focus on the myriad other aspects of our multifaceted roles that you may find more enjoyable and AI is not yet capable of doing as well.

Which other AI-powered tools have you discovered to be effective in enhancing your Meta Ads campaign performance, streamlining asset creation, improving reporting, and enhancing account management efficiency? Comment below and let us know.

Please note that some links on this page are affiliate links. In the event that you click to sign up or make a purchase, we may receive a modest commission without any additional cost to you. We only endorse tools that we have personally used and thoroughly evaluated.


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