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4 Brands You Wouldn’t Expect to See On Pinterest (But Are)

Akvile DeFazio
June 26th, 2018
Akvile DeFazio

When it comes to Pinterest, most people think of fashion, food, cute animals, event planning, home decor and inspirational quotes. When you think of the brands on Pinterest, you might think of companies that fall into similar categories, and most likely fall into the B2C categorization.

However, there are brands on Pinterest that don’t fit into any of the categories listed above and are still experiencing success. Out of the 200 million people who use Pinterest every month, 70% are in fact women, but 50% of new signups are coming from men. No matter who you’re marketing to, your desired demographics have a slice of the Pinterest pie.

If you’re thinking about creating an account for your business but you’re not sure if you’re industry is “Pinterest-friendly,” check out the companies below and how they’ve paved their own path on the platform.

Dayton Children’s Hospital (Medical)

Medical organizations have been historically private due to patient confidentiality and also the emotional nature of what doctors, nurses and others do for their patient’s day in and day out. However, Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio found a way to highlight their patients in their Pins in an emotionally captivating way. The board that most caught my attention was “Miracle Stories” which tells very human stories of survival and perseverance from incredibly brave kids.

Windows (Software)

Though Microsoft has its own corporate Pinterest account, the dedicated Windows account really struck me. Many tech giants have tried to inject personality into their products (most notably Voice Recognition programs like Alexa and Siri), but this is a genius way to humanize software that’s currently on over 1 billion PCs worldwide.

National Pork Board (Agricultural Marketing)

It’s no secret that food is a tremendously popular category on the Pinter-net, but it’s rare to see an organization so specific represented in the space. And they do it very well by posting targeted pork recipes for every occasion, including sports events, Father’s Day and breakfast. Is anyone else hungry?

FedEx (Courier Delivery Service)

When you think of FedEx, you don’t automatically picture visually-rich content, but they do a great job getting creative here and focus not on their products and services so much as their customers. With a tagline that says, “Connecting people and possibilities around the world,” they really stay true to this sentiment with boards that are titled, “Gifts for Her,” “Supporting Small Businesses,” and “Tying the Knot.” By focusing on the consumer experience, they’ve made their content relevant, and isn’t that always the goal of excellent marketing?

What are some other brands or companies you’ve been surprised to see on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments below!


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