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3 Cyber Monday Social Media Ads To Imitate

Akvile DeFazio
November 19th, 2018
Akvile DeFazio

On Thanksgiving, we eat. On the days that follow Thanksgiving, we shop.

For e-commerce advertisers, Cyber Monday (November 26) is THE major holiday this month. In 2017, Cyber Monday online transactions reached $6.59 billion, a 16.8% increase from the previous year. Mobile sales hit $2 billion (!) in just 24 hours. If you’re an online retailer, your Cyber Monday online ads need to really resonate with your customers while standing out from all the noise.
If you’re still in the planning stages for your ads, do not panic! We’ve rounded up a few examples that are meant to inspire and motivate as the big day draws near.

Amazon Lightning Deals Cyber Monday AKvertise


You can’t talk about Black Friday Cyber Monday social media advertising without talking about Amazon, the cream of the retailer crop when it comes to seasonal deals. Their social ads set themselves apart in a number of ways, but this one above really shines as it provides a clear path-to-purchase for customers. Online visitors are known to abandon sites quickly if they become confused or suspicious about where to go next. This ad makes great use of trackable bit.ly links and provides a well-defined, positive experience overall.

Your Challenge: How can you provide customers with a defined shopping path in your ads?

REI Opt Outside Cyber Monday AKvertise


Four years ago, REI made the radical decision to close all of its stores for Black Friday. Additionally, they paid their employees to go spend that day outdoors with their families. Sounds crazy, right? As REI’s Chief Creative Officer Ben Steele says, “What started as a moment has kind of become a movement.” It is now one of the most well-known seasonal campaigns, as it turned advertising on its head and was deeply linked to the overall brand message. The concept has now been adopted by more than 700 other organizations.

Your Challenge: How can you be different for Cyber Monday while also staying connected to your brand?

Forever 21 Cyber Monday AKvertise

Forever 21

Sometimes, the copy isn’t the star of a well-produced ad. It’s the visuals. Forever 21 has a young demographic that speaks fluent internet and loves a good meme or two. With the ad above, the copy is sparse but packs a punch with important hashtags. The visual does the rest of the work, making people laugh before they click the bit.ly link to shop. Aside from quality visuals, test out using humor with your audience, especially if your overall brand voice is playful.

Your Challenge: How can you use visuals to inspire humor with your target demographic?

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